Women who can wash their own clothes

There's a moment in the movie "Alex & Emma" (please don't judge me too harshly for loving that movie) where the two title characters are arguing about how female characters in books are often portrayed as so exciting and exotic, they are unbelievable. And Emma says, "Like when it's time for the first laundry. I know, I know. In great romantic novels there is not laundry or there's people like Ylva or Elsa to do it. Maybe that's why I like them. They can wash their own clothes."

The women in Traps can all wash their own clothes.

Mackenzie Bezos weaves a beautiful interconnected tale about four women, all from different walks of life but similar in their desire to find themselves, find love, find acceptance or forgiveness, and in short, find their place in their world.

Our cast of characters include: Jessica Lessing (a reclusive movie star), Vivian (a teenager with newborn twins), Lynn (a dog shelter owner living in isolation on a ranch in rural Nevada), and Dana (a fearless ex-military bodyguard). One of the strengths of this book is that each of these women are so distinct, but none seem a caricature. And because of this, they are all so relatable that you will find parts of yourself in each of them.

The story jumps between the lives of the four women, only physically connecting them in place and time for one brief moment. But their hopes, fears, struggles, joys, relationships, insecurities and strengths are tied together in ways that can only be attributed to the united efforts of each of us to walk this path we call life. It's a beautiful novel that will resonate; and, if you don't see yourself in these characters, you will see your family, friends and/or neighbors. Elegant writing, strong characters, and twisting plot structure culminate into a rich and expressive story about redemption and forgiveness.


by Mackenzie Bezos

Genre: fiction, contemporary

#fiction #contemporary

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