I'm With Her.

I am not someone who can separate my political views from the other aspects of my life because, among many other reasons, this country's politics at times dictate my life. I voted for Hillary in the primaries, and while I have deep respect for Senator Bernie Sanders, I've been on the Clinton bandwagon for quite some time now.

I also feel I should include that I did not vote for her in 2008, because most days she is actually too moderate for my tastes. But it is absolutely undeniable that she is overwhelmingly qualified and a dedicated civil servant who has spent most of her life working for those whose voices aren't often heard. She is simply an incredible person and history was made this week as she was the first woman to win the nomination for a major political party to be a candidate for President of the United States. And #ImWithHer.

This blog was started as a way to find more amazing female characters in literature. But sometimes those super-women exist in our actual world, and when they do, I feel they deserve the attention of a small independent blogger who is just trying to make a small impact on the world. We're looking at a decisive time in our country's story, and for me there is really no other candidate to lead the way. I whole-heartedly understand some (many) people feel differently, but I also believe there is a shroud of sexism and a multi-decade Republican attack campaign that has obstructed many people's opinions on Secretary Clinton. This book, Living History, is a wonderful beginning to hearing, directly from Hillary Clinton, what drives her, influences her and how those White House years affected her life.

If I haven't made this clear before, I audiobook often. My job allows me to listen and work at the same time, which is part of the secret on how I can move through books so quickly. In this case, Hillary actually reads the book to you. And, honestly, I thought it really added to the experience. I don't always believe this to be the case - in fact, there have been times where I have genuinely thought that the audiobooked voice of a character actually made me dislike that character more than I would have otherwise. But in this instance, hearing the author read to you makes it seem as if you are sitting in her office, listening to her reminisce about the past. It is delightful.

I am not going to speak to her accomplishments here because the book does that amazingly. And you can get a condensed version from Bill's, Joe's, President Obama's, Chelsea's, and Secretary Clinton's speeches from the DNC last week as well as a variety of think-pieces and the Clinton website. What I can speak to is this: this book is a treatise on her entire belief system. It maps her influences from childhood until the present, and will give you a deep understanding of what makes this fascinating woman tick. It is warm, it is humorous at times, it is terribly heart-breaking, and will make you wonder why anyone would willingly put themselves into such a harsh public spotlight. The history is engaging, the writing is smooth and enjoyable, the drama is gripping and ALL of it is just a fraction of Hillary's experiences.

If you in any way think Hillary Clinton is false, corrupt, or too entrenched in career politics; read this book. If you are unsure of her as a candidate, a leader or in any way questioning why you should vote for her; read this book. But most importantly, if you want to hear the life story of an incredible, history-making woman who will not be beaten down and will not rest until that glass ceiling is shattered; read this book.

Living History

Hillary Rodham Clinton


My enthusiasm has come to a point where I made my own cover photo for Facebook to show my support. #ImWithHer

Also, a couple quick link to other's opinions how the media has vastly skewed our opinion of Hillary Clinton:

"This may shock you: Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest" by Jill Abramson

"The most thorough, profound and moving defense of Hillary Clinton I have ever seen" posted by DailyKos

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